MicroDesk Regular

MicroDesk Regular

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MicroDesk Regular
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Product Description


The Regular MicroDesk is a Writing Platform for use with a flat desk top.

The MICRODESK Writing Platform for Keyboard Work

Workspace Gain- Eliminate Pain

  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 560mm
    • Depth: 310mm
    • Height, rear: 150mm
    • Height, front: 75mm (extra 40mm height adjustment possible)
  • Continuous access to keyboard as you write
  • Clear, transparent surface
  • Organizes your workspace
  • Adjustable height and slope to fit individual needs
  • Increases work comfort and decreases muscle strain
  • Non slip ruler included with all models
  • Paper ledge supplied in two heights: 20mm (3/4") and 8mm (1/4")
  • Options:
    • The Regular MicroDesk - for use with a flat desk top
    • The Step MicroDesk - for use with a keyboard tray style desk
    • The Compact MicroDesk - for use with a laptop, docking station or a confined work area


This Product is NOT available for Trial.  

A select range of our products are available for a 7-Day Trial on recommendation through workplace assessment from a Work, Health & Safety Advisor or Occupational Therapist.  Trial Products are subject to availability.


Free to Brisbane Areas


When you are stretching and twisting at your desk you can strain your spine, neck and shoulder areas.  Performing simultaneous keyboard and paperwork activities with poor body positions leads to troublesome aches and pains.  The MicroDesk is the solution to eliminating such risks.