HandShoe Mouse (Medium Right-Hand Wireless)

HandShoe Mouse (Medium Right-Hand Wireless)

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The only Mouse that fits like a glove for Right-Hands which measure 175-195mm from the tip of the ring finger to the wrist crease. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Subject to availability and on recommendation through workplace assessment from a Work, Health & Safety Advisor or Occupational Therapist. Freight and Installation charges may be applicable.

Product Description


The Medium, Wireless Handshoe Mouse is for Right-Hands that measure between 175 to 195mm from the tip of the ring finger to the wrist crease. 

The Handshoe Mouse fits like a glove or, as some people say "feels like a saddle for the hand".  The ergonomic mouse provides relief and prevents upper extremity complaints.

The Correct Fit:A Medium Sized Handshoe Mouse is for a Hand that measures 175-195mm

To maximize the advantages of the HandShoe Mouse and experience maximum comfort, a correct fit is essential.

It is imperative that you measure you hand.

Measurement is to be done on the inside of your stretched-out hand.

Measure the distance from your wrist (the cross over between your hand and arm) up to the tip of your ring finger.  This length provides an indication of the required size.

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